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Kapal Latih KRI Dewaruci 1959-1961

Commander Rudy Poerwana
Commanding Officer KRI Dewarutji
Was born in Bandung in October 26, 1929.

During the Indonesian Revolution in 1945, while continuing his study at senior high school, he took active part as a platoon commander.

In 1950 attended the Naval College, the first post-war Republic of Indonesia Naval College opened by HE President Dr, Ir. Soekarno. After graduation served on board the first training ship RI Ampis and the Corvette, RI Banteng.

In 1953 became aide the camp on the Surabaya Maritime Commander.

In 1954 took command of patrol boat, in September 1954 was transfered to The Naval Academy as instructor. After completing 9 months training was transfered for the second time to The Naval Academy as instructor and head of the navigation section.

In 1957 came aboard the sail training ship KRI Dewarutji as executive officer and after several cruises aboard, took over command of the ship in 1959.

Why The Training Ship Named ” KRI DEWA RUTJI “
Dewa Rutji is the name of a legendary “dewa” or God of sincerity and courage. He has the figure of miniature Bima, one of the powerful characters in the Pandawa family. Pandita Durna, a former instructor of the Pandawas, was outwitted by one of the brothers whose name was Bima. As he was jealous of his progress he found a means to murder Bima. So Pandita Durna ordered Bima to search some holy water wich, in fact, did nt exist at all.

In spite of his brothers warning, Bima faithfully went searching for the imaginery water. On his way Bima got into serious dangers, fighting the twins giants Rumaka and Rumakala, and finally, a gigantic sea serpent in the ocean he had to cross over. Bima won the battles, but dying from bad wounds, he sank to the bottom of the sea.

Knowing whats going on, Batara Guru, one of the upper Gods, rushes down to Bima’s aid. He impersonated Bima, appearing as a miniature Bima and calling himself ” Dewa Rutji “. After waking up Bima, the kind Dewa Rutji invited him to visit places he had never known before.

Here Bima saw radii of different colours. Bima asked what these colours meant. Dewa Rutji replied, ” The radii you see are the symbols of the five organs of sense and unsatisfied desires, wich make us selfish, egotistic and careless. We ought to restrain these evil desires. The black radius means desires, the yellow one intelligence and comprehension, the red one courage, and the white one putity.

When use black, yellow and red for good purposes, they will bring us welfare. If used for wicked purposes, they will cause enmity, grief and destruction. We should use desire and will to reach goodness and only when they are attended by pure heart. They will then lead us into happiness and welfare. When desires is used for bad puroses, it will bring us all and our country in danger even though it is attended by courage and slyness.

Desire is unsatisfied and must therefore be kept down by character and wisdom. Every human being ought to have ideals, unless he want to be a dead statue. These are the reasons why we should serve our country and resign ourselves to the will of heaven. We should face justice righteously and courageously no matter how grave the situation is.

Military training plus a sound philosophy of life will characterize the strong personality of a brave and well behaved knight, evoking the high respects of friend or enemy. The motto on the ship’s symbol reads: ideals, intelect, wisdom, courage and honesty, for the service of our country.


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